Rhetorical essay

For this assignment, you will choose one of the semester’s literature selections and examine two of its appeals. You will explain the appeals’ effectiveness.


  1. The essay should be structured with the following sections:

    INTRODUCTION: the first section of the essay which sets the tone and thesis statement that includes the prompt response and direction of the essay.

    BODY: the “flesh” and majority of the essay where the writer develops an argument about the rhetorical appeals’ strengths/limitations. This section should be a combination of your observations, text examples, and commentary/analysis from a secondary source.

    CONCLUSION: the recap of your points, why the details matter, and a final thought for the reader; this portion should be comparable to your introduction and give the reader a sense of closure


    • Effective introductory paragraph
    • Clear, purpose driven thesis with preliminary points
    • Strong topic sentences
    • Well-developed ideas and transitions
    • Summary of the work as needed
    • Clear analysis and expansion of rhetorical appeals
    • Strategic balance of quotes, paraphrase
    • General MLA formatting and documentation for any source used; one secondary source is required. Some examples of secondary sources are history books, articles in encyclopedias, reviews of the work, and academic articles. 
    • Accurate in-text references and Works Cited page
    • Word count: minimum 700 words; papers should not exceed 1400 words
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