Risk Analysis

This assignment provides the opportunity to review ES risk management practices and analyze project risks to determine handling actions.

· Identify the tools and techniques and evaluation criteria for analyzing risks. These may be of your choosing based on the project or requirements of the organization for which you work.

· Conduct a qualitative analysis of the identified risks.

· Conduct a quantitative analysis of the identified risks.

· Update the risk register with analysis information for identified risks. In addition to providing probability and impact for each risk (as aligned with your Risk Management plan), include an explanation of why each risk was assigned these “values”. What informs this information?

· Indicate risks that will be placed on a watch list and those for which a risk response will be defined. Again, the criteria used for this step may be of your choosing or set by the organization for which you work.

· As you perform the work for this assignment, you may become aware of additional risks. Be sure to add these to the risk register and perform the qualitative/quantitative analysis for these additional risks.

· Include a summary paragraph sharing how risks were analyzed, what was effective about the process and what you might do differently moving forward.

· Cite any sources. The writing style should be concise and straightforward. Please use a 12 point font.

– Textbook:  Risk Management: Concepts and Guidance, 5th edition, Carl L Pritchard

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