RTP 4827

Please, respond to the following discussion by using one reference from peer-reviewed Nursing Journal. not older than 5 years.The concept of organizational structure is fundamental in all companies. Among other things, it defines the characteristics of the organization of the company and has the mission of establishing authority, hierarchy, organizational charts, and departments, among other things. All organizations must have an organizational structure according to the tasks or activities they intend to do, through an appropriate structure that allows them to set their functions, and areas with the intention of producing products or services through a correct order that facilitates the achievement of business objectives. All workers must be clear about their role in the system, and through this order, a series of protocols for action and control results are specified (Huber, 2010).In order to follow an organizational structure, a leader or a manager is needed. Positive leadership is exercised by those who are capable of guiding the efforts of a work team towards achieving the objectives and goals of the organization (Karefoot, 2015). An organizational structure has a vision and mission a leader must follow in order to lead other employees in that direction. An organizational structure can shape a leader or manager into learning how to be confident, to promote dialogue within the employees and to become an innovator (Huber, 2010). A leader or manager also improve the skill of decision-making, the person becomes a motivator, the one that takes the initiative, and further improve the skills of listening and delegation. A leader must identify with the mission and vision of an organization because this one will shape the path of the employees, company and the method of achieving the goals (Karefoot, 2015).

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