Servant Leadership and serving others

Provide a 50 word answer to the below answer in apa format with in-text citations and references. The original question is also provided below.In my current role in my organization, I serve my staff members by being able to listen to their needs and be their advocate for items that they are requiring to help them serve their patients more effectively and efficiently. I provide staff opportunities to participate in evidence-based projects and committees to help them learn new processes, procedures, and to encourage them to seek opportunities to learn. By doing this, it will make them up to date and proficient in process improvements. By listening, having empathy, and helping staff grow personally and professionally, I strive to follow the servant leadership principles. The secular view works on commanding others and making decisions without the input of the followers ( DelHousaye,2016).Original Question:How do you serve others in the profession of nursing? Explain how the way you serve others in the profession of nursing could become more closely aligned with the issue of serving as explained by the servant-leadership paradigm. How does the issue of serving differ from the secular view of power?

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