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Servant Leadership is measured on a variety of dimensions, such as behavior, ethics, empowerment, and putting subordinates first. These dimensions can be more fully developed in leaders who have integrity and strong ethics. Servant Leadership is frequently the foundation for corporate leader training and the first step in this training is often assessing where you stand on each of the dimensions.

To prepare for this Assignment, go to the “Servant Leadership Questionnaire” in the course text,Leadership: Theory and Practice. The instructions in the course text ask you to have two other people who know you to take the test and respond about you. Instead, for this Assignment, you are the only one who needs to know your score, so there is no reason to ask anyone else to take the test. Take the survey and be as honest and objective as you can. Keep your scores for analysis in the Final Research Paper.

Write a1- to 2-pagepaper describing your experience with the “Servant Leadership Questionnaire.” Analyze how your questionnaire responses indicate your personal leadership philosophy. Describe any questionnaire results that may have surprised you. Analyze the impact that the characteristics of Servant Leadership might have on your personal leadership style. Explain how Servant Leadership might help you become a more effective leader. And Strictly write your references in Apa style format.


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