Sherman’s March to the Sea, history homework help

Respond to the following discussion:

  As everyone has come to learn my favorite person in this war was WILLIAM T. SHERMAN!  This fellar here was the walking tall definition of war, and to answer the question yes this was needed to win the war.  What Sherman’s march to the sea did was shatter the rest of the morale as McPherson described it, which we have learned was a very major driving force in the South and the men and women who fought for them.  There were so many things that Sherman stated about the war in general when in Atlanta but I think one of the most famous things will forever be “we cannot change the hearts of those people of the south, but we can make war so terrible and make them so sick of war that generations would pass by before they would again appeal to it” (McPherson & Hogue, 2010).  I laughed out loud when I first read this a year ago I said oh man this is where Al Capone and all the later gangsters got there swag!

  I do not think in my opinion believe that the march to sea did any damage to the reunited union.  I look at the positives that came from it and I am interested to see the opposing argument.  Lincoln was a hands down winner pretty much after this and that alone secured hopes and plans that could have never been accomplished if Lincoln lost.  This portion of the war was the tunnel that led to the end, it forced Lee to play major defense and his back was against the sea.  This caused his cleverness to disappear he was now thinking “oh crap” I did not see this happening.  There were no men in the Confederacy that could contest Sherman and after so many “great” generals who went against Lee only maybe 2 or 3 in my book were able to make these power moves.  Sherman was the MVP in the 4th quarter of the Civil War and everyone else was  apart of the clean up crew that led to Lee surrendering.

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