Short Report

The Report is to be on seating arrangements and how there are not enough seats. Between the contractors, and government employees, there is not enough hot seats for those who do not work permanently onsite. With that being said, those who need to come onsite and work on occasions are taking over seats of those who work permanently onsite and are there every day. The best way to solve this issue is for the program manger to implement a seating chart, and assigning a schedule of days to those who do not work on site on when they can come in and utilize a hot seat. The seating chart needs to be emailed out and posted to the program office’s SharePoint so all employees have access to it and are aware of when they can utilize the hot seats onsite when needed.

Please note as in the instructions, there is to be no citations in this. You will need to conduct surveys and interiews on ways to fix this. PLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS!

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