Social learning ( assignment)

1- We’re looking at changing how we do things as a society, and innovating for transition to more sustainable human systems.  So, what is the one thing you think we really need to start innovating, why you think that’s the really important innovation, and what you think is missing before it can happen.
Something I found interesting in the article was this statement.

2- “Although external dynamics such as power, hierarchy, trends, issues, money, time etcetera might play an important role in the way actors behave in a multi-stakeholder setting, we do not take these factors into account. Instead we deal here with the behavior of the actors involved”

Aren’t the behaviors of the actors determined by such external dynamics? Why aren’t those aspects taken into account?social learning in regional networks – trust.pdf

3- In marketing, there was a project concept, I believe, called group think. It was sort of like a group think tank where we all gained insight from each others knowledge and experiences to solve problems or come up with new ideas. Is this similar to social learning?social learning in regional networks – trust.pdf

4- create discussion question from climate change and DILC.pdf

short question and answer please 

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