Social Media


A growing number of organizations are giving social media a try – for better or worse.  Fortune 500 companies are adopting social media and networking tools, and many companies are increasingly reliant on social media in disseminating advertising campaigns.  However progressive, these changes also mean for every success there are plenty of flops, a few large-scale failures, and enough interesting and novel approaches to keep social media experimentation alive.

To understand the scope and scale of organizations participating in social media use, this assignment asks you to seek out a campaign or summarize a case study that provides a description of the media attempt as well as an analysis about its relative success or failure.

Assignment Objective

To identify and analyze organizational use of social media with particular focus on explaining and analyzing its success or failure, identifying possible alternative actions or solutions, critiquing the return on investment (if any), and recommending future action strategies.


1. Find a campaign to analyze.  It should be some form of organization-based social media  

    campaign, initiative, or experiment.

a. Look for an article, blog post, podcast or other write-up that explains the  

    campaign in some detail. A brief mention in a Tweet won’t give you enough 

    information to analyze.

b. Example: P&G Social Media Experiment

   **Please note: some users have found difficulty retrieving this webpage by clicking on it here.   

       Copying this link and pasting it into an online search engine, such as Google, should provide 

       the link available for online access)

2. Please address the following criteria in drafting your assignment:

a. Provide a 1 paragraph summary of the case/campaign. Include dates (or date range)

    and platforms the organization used (or is currently still using).

b. What issues are at stake for the organization?

c. Describe the pros and cons of the organization’s decision to use social media

    they way that they did.  What worked?  What didn’t?

d. Provide any recommendations for revising the media campaign or other issues

    to consider if the company if extending the campaign forward.

Formatting requirements

a. Assignment should be 2 pages minimum in length.   

b. APA 6th edition format required (including Title page and References – these do not count as content pages). Consider reviewing the “Sample APA Paper” found under the Writing Assignment tab on the course website.

c. Include your name, date, and title of paper on the Title Page.

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