Social media


Social media and other forms of technological communication are widespread throughout society. Users are increasingly dependent on media technology to perform everyday functions and activities.  

Assignment Objective

Your assignment is to go 24 hours without any use of social media or media-based technology. This means no cell phone, no Internet, no social networking, no video games, and no TV, newspapers, or radio.  As you can imagine, this may pose quite a challenge for various work and school-related activities, so choosing one day during the weekend (or on a day off) may be optimal.


1. Find a day that is suitable for you to become abstinent from interactive media for at least 

    one 24-hour period.  Although not required, I encourage you to try this experiment for a

    longer time frame of 36 to 48 hours.

a. Be prepared to feel inconvenienced!  Students generally report minor unexpected “difficulties” such as needing to use a ‘real’ alarm clock, and feeling ‘out of touch’ with the rest society.

2. After your 24 hours of media-free living has expired, write a one page summary of your

    experience.  Some criteria to consider:

a. Provide a general background of the amount (and type) of media you typically use

    every day.

b. What was one of the first things you noticed as you transitioned to becoming

    “media free”?

c. Was it difficult to endure the 24-hour restriction on your media use?  How did you

    alter your behavior to compensate?

d. Address any additional challenges or occurrences that resulted from not being able

    to rely on media or media-based technology.

Formatting requirements

a. Assignment should be a minimum of 2 pages in length. 

b. APA 6th edition format preferred (Title page and References pages not required). 

c. If you do include a Title page, please provide your name, date, and title of paper.

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