ASA Library Assignment

The library assignment will give you practice in the use of various electronic resources as well as allow you to show knowledge of the American Sociological Association (ASA) Style Guide (4th edition, 2010 format.  Refer to the PGCC Library web site for information on accessing appropriate databases, correct documentation using ASA format, and information on plagiarism.  Your library assignment requires that you type a 1½ page, double-spaced paper that addresses specific questions assigned by the instructor.

These questions should be answered

Choosing any topic use the PGCC website for databases. You’re not doing an actual research. This is showing you what you would do to get scholarly cited information to support your research if you were writing a paper.

. PGCC Writing Center

1). Professional Peer-Reviewed Journals

2). Other Resources




3). What is Plagiarism? (In your own words)

4). Provide two work cited sources in APA

5). How beneficial is this assignment.


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