For this assignment, you will write a 3-4 page paper.  The paper will have double-spaced text and use standard 12-point font and 1-inch margins. There is no need for a separate title page.  Your paper should be in the standard 5-paragraph expository essay format (Links to an external site.), and you should cite at least 4 class resources from this module (See other attachment).  Your essay will be based on the required materials from this week, although you may use materials from earlier in the course; there’s no need to make use of materials from outside the class.  The assignment must be submitted (in MS Word or Rich Text format) tby Friday 8/02 at 11:59pm.  There is a rubric for the assignment, which will be used to assign points based on the criteria detailed below.    

  1. This assignment requires that you first read and view all of the assigned materials listed in the Module.  Your entire Analysis Paper needs to be based on the materials from the module, including our course text readings and online resources (you can use other readings from our class, if they are closely related to a point you’re making).  As always, be sure to cite all resources fully and properly using ASA Style (see “Tips for Success” below for assistance with citations, including a link to an online citation resource).  
  2. View the CNN Interview with Reza Aslan again:

  3. Write your paper in which you analyze the above CNN video in terms of Orientalism.  The term is not used in the video clip, but the video is ripe for an analysis of the concept.  
  4. You paper should follow a specific structure: A) You should introduce and briefly summarize the CNN video clip (no longer than 1/2 page). You should conclude this summary of the video clip with a thesis statement that links the content of the video clip to Orientalism.  B) You should provide an introduction (1 page) to the concept of Orientalism as detailed in this week’s materials (be sure to cite readings and videos properly).  C) You should devote the remainder of your paper to an analysis of the video clip in terms of Orientalism (~ 2 pages).  There are a number of specific things to consider when analyzing the video, including the ways in which the CNN anchors’ line of questioning embodies Orientalism (be specific here); The CNN anchors don’t seem to “get it” when Aslan corrects them in how they’re asking questions; and how Aslan’s responses to the questions signify that he’s read Said’s work and understands the concept of Orientalism.  It is important that you infuse your analysis with an intersectional perspective–the Lissovoy reading is helpful here, but so is the Sarkeesian video clip.  Also, you are welcome to document and explain how any other aspects of the video relate to the concept of Orientalism.  
    E) Provide references at the end of your document using proper ASA format (discussed below in “Tips for Success”).  Also, be sure to cite properly within your paper (properly use in-text citations, per ASA guidelines).  

Tips for Success

Sociological Content: Remember that this is a sociology course.  You therefore need to frame your paper using sociological insights, which are provided by the readings.  You demonstrate your understanding of these materials by using specific concepts/ideas presented in the readings and applying them correctly to the topic you’re discussing.  Concepts help you explain why or how something happens in the world, and sociological explanations point toward collective, institutional patterns and practices such as policies that are enacted by the state (the government) and economic institutions (like employers). 

Citing properly: You must cite properly using ASA Style (Links to an external site.) guidelines (use the ASA guidelines for citations only, not for paper formatting, which I’ve explained above.).  Not citing properly could result in plagiarism, a serious offense that could result in failing not only the assignment, but the entire course.  After following the citation link above, pay special attention to the style information for “in-text citations” and “reference page” formatting.  Note that our course text by Tracey Ore is cited as a “chapter in an edited volume.”  This means you cite the author of the specific chapter we’re reading–Tracey Ore is the editor for the text.  

Below is a sample citation for a selection from the Ore text.  Note that the only information to change for other selections are the author, selection title, and the page ranges.  

Omi, Michael and Howard Winant. 2019. “Racial Formations.” Pp. 19-26 in The Social Construction of Difference and Inequality: Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality, 7th Ed, edited by Tracy E. Ore. NY: Oxford University Press. 

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