SOCW 6510 Process Recording Assignment paper

Pick a video Assessment A-2 is The Video)Identify issues/problems that EBP say would be best in this situation? (when is this assessment done?)Write up a brief summary of the presenting clientWhat tools (at least two) would you use to assess this person?What did you want to ask that the video did not ask (justify)Identify three (3) local resources that you can refer an individual to? (Long Beach, Ca.)Identify three (3) gaps in services that you might advocate for in your community (Long Beach, Ca.)Chose a class partner- and practice administering a tool and answer the following questions:What questions were most difficult for you to ask?What questions do you feel a client would have difficulty answering?How do you assess your competency in administering this tool?What impact does diversity and culture play in ANY assessment tool you use

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