SOCW 6520 Assignment: Week 3 Blog

SOCW 6520 Assignment: Week 3 BlogRefer to the topics covered in this week’s resources and incorporate them into your blog.Post a blog post that includes 300 to 500 words my field experience is going to be at Sound options in Tacoma Washington I will be doing some in office work, some home visits but mostly telecommunication. For the telecommunication part I need to talk about how to set up my computer so that clients can not see any personal things like pictures or things that can identify my location ect. I will not be driving clients during my internship. This is a social work internshipQuestions in bold then answersA description of your personal safety plan for your field education experienceAn explanation of how your personal safety plan might differ from your agency safety plan during your field education experienceI have uploaded this chapter please use something out of every bullet pointBirkenmaier, J., & Berg-Weger, M. (2018). The practicum companion for social work: Integrating class and fieldwork (4th ed.). New York, NY: Pearson.Chapter 3, “Safety in Social Work Settings” (pp. 63-77)Incite citations and full references APA format 7th addition

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