By now you should have received and reviewed the class announcement about the modification of Week 10 Assignment.  Instead of attending an in-person cultural event, you will be watching a cultural documentary from a list I provided.

Week 7 Assignment 1 is a brief report on your progress toward the Week 10 Final Project.

The original instructions for Week 7 Assignment One ask you to identify which cultural event you are going to attend.  But none of you will be attending an in-person event; instead you will be watching a documentary film.  So respond instead to these questions for your Week 7 Assignment 1:

  • Identify a film from the list that you are planning on watching to fulfill the requirements for the main project.
  • Why are you choosing this documentary?
  • How does the focus of this film differ from your own diverse experience?
  • What are you looking forward to as you watch this film?

Please make sure to address all four of the bullet points in your paper.

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