Strategic Human Resource Management

To start your Final Exam Essay/PP presentation you will develop an audio script. The audio script should be a detailed script and reflect what you would say to executives during the presentation. The script will be read/used to present human resource strategies to executives. The script will be the first part of the Capstone Project which will be added to the benchmarking and audit tools, detailed below, that can be used to assist an organization to transform the human resource function to a strategic business partner.

The introduction audio script needs to include the following:

  • An introduction to the Capstone      Project (Final Essay)
  • An assessment of the knowledge      and competencies that a global human resource leader should possess.      Describe how the denoted knowledge and competencies can be acquired and      why these KSAs are critical.
  • Create strategies for      transitioning HR from a transactional/process-oriented role to a strategic      partner role.

Your audio script will be the introduction to your portfolio and should meet the following requirements:

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  • Be 2 pages in length AND 2      SLIDES AS WELL.
  • Be formatted according to      the APA format.

Build your Capstone Project to 18 slide Power Point presentation, which includes the following:

  • Audio Script Introduction that      recommends strategies for transitioning human resources from a      transactional/process-oriented role with an organization to one in which      it is a strategic partner in determining the future of an organization. 2      slides
  • Strategies for ensuring a legal      and inclusive workplace (Week 2 Assignment) 4 PP slides
  • HR Best Workforce Management      Practices Audit (Week 3 Assignment) 4 PP slides
  • Compensation and Benefits Plan      (Week 4 Assignment) 4 PP slides
  • Organizational Intervention and      Evaluation Plan (Week 6 Assignment) 4 PP slides

Your project should meet the following requirements:

  • 18 slide power point presentation      (NOT including Title and Reference pages).
  • Include at least 15-17 different      scholarly sources.
  • Be formatted according to APA FORMAT      ONLY.

For the final project, write in a concise manner – eliminate jargon and ensure that you include scholarly research as required. Draw the eye of the executives reading your proposal by including visuals – bullet points, graphs for comparisons, figures, etc. NOT ALLOWED : no Wikipedia, Investopedia, small business chronicle or other .coms that are not relevant. The assignment final capstone project requires 15-17 scholarly sources.

7 page essay: Organizational Intervention and      Evaluation Plan (Week 6 Assignment) 

For this assignment, you will create an organizational intervention and evaluation plan that focuses on technological and environmental impacts. Specifically, you will examine how to engage employees in organizational change efforts regardless of impact type.

Develop a well-written paper that addresses the following:

  • Conduct      an environmental scan and analyze at least two technological or      environmental influences that are impacting an organization/industry of      your choice.
  • Recommend      interventions or strategies that can be implemented to mitigate any      negative impact that a new technology/environmental factor may have on the      organization. Explain how the recommended strategies can be used to engage      employees in the change process.
  • Identify      an evaluation process for the intervention plan. Specifically, explain how      you will gauge the success of the plan.

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

  • Be 6      pages in length.
  • Include      at least 4 different scholarly sources not utilized previously.
  • Be formatted      according to the APA format.

NOT ALLOWED : no Wikipedia, Investopedia, small business chronicle or other .coms that are not relevant.

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