submit a detailed timeline of your historical character’s life

This week you are to choose your Historical Character for the Project.  You need to choose someone who was physically present in America and an American citizen.

Do not choose:

Henry VIII

George I


Ferdinand and Isabella

Mother Teresa


John Paul I or John Paul II

John Calvin

Martin Luther

Some good choices include:

Cotton Mather

Jonathon Edwards

Frederick Douglas

Anne Hutchinson

Thomas Jefferson

Sojourner Truth

Mary Baker Eddy

John Ireland

William Penn

Jerry Falwell

Martin Luther King Jr.

Dorothy Day

Father Charles Coughlin

Joseph Smith

John Winthrop

Roger Williams

Brigham Young

Malcolm X

Billy Graham

William Brewster


 submit a detailed timeline of your historical character’s life, in order to gain a broader understanding of the context of your character’s actions. Be sure to include any major world, political, and/or religious events that may have impacted them and/or shaped their worldview.

As you complete this assignment be sure to document your sources

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