Summative Assessment: Informatics Solution Proposal: General Solution

In this assignment, you will complete the next phase for your Informatics Solution Proposal. For each weekly assignment, you are adding or creating a project proposal for the topic you selected in week one. Please remember, each week builds on the prior week’s assignment, and will culminate in the Week 5 assignment.Determine a category of informatics or technology that can solve the clinical or administrative issue you identified in the Week 2 assignment.Compose a summary of the benefits of selecting a product from this category of technology or informatics solution.Format your summary as any one of the following formats:·       10- to 12-slide powerpoint presentation with speaker notes or narration·       3 to 5 minute podcast·       concept map or infographic·       525- to 700-wordIn your summary, you should:Identify a category of informatics or technology solution that may be appropriate for the identified workplace. Select a category of solution, but not a specific product. For example, staffing software, EHRs, integrated Vital Sign machines, bar code scanners, telecommunication software, etc. You will select the specific products in Week 4.Provide a rationale for why this category of solution may help address the clinical or administrative problem.Describe potential regulatory, legal, or ethical issues this category of solution may cause or resolve.Include a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed sources.Cite your sources according to APA guidelines.Submit your assignment.

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