Sustainable Development


The purpose of the course project is to encourage you to better understand how companies shape sustainable actions across the entire organizations to pursue and secure the future course of sustainability.  To achieve these objectives, you will use the profile a global organization completed in Deliverable 1 and review the company in terms of the operational initiatives that link to the course material in a deeper look at the data. You will look at relevant news stories, press releases, company reports to support your discussions using a system thinking approach that provides a balanced view of the positive and negative impacts. Successful completion of the project will also further develop your research and critical thinking skills.

For Deliverable 1, of the course project, your team researched and report on the corporation’s history sustainability profile in their home country and then in two other countries the company operates in.

In Deliverable 2, your team will do a more detailed analysis and comparison of the company’s sustainability operation and challenges in each country.  The goal will be to show how the company’s business strategy is aligned (or not aligned) with their business operations.  This will cover key operational areas of Leadership & Strategy; Energy Management Systems (Water; Energy; Waste); Engagement & Recognition and Marketing.

In addition, Deliverable 3 (Instruction to be handed out in Week 9), will be a presentation of from the findings of both of the deliverables mentioned above.



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