Talk about Stephen Sondheim’s Sunday in the Park with George as a love story between George and Dot.

Okay, here are three possible topics for a Sunday in the Park with George paper:

1) Talk about Stephen Sondheim‘s Sunday in the Park with George as a love story between George and Dot. This will obviously come almost completely from the first act, but “Move On” at the end of the second act will also help you. Try to focus on what it is that brings these two people together. Songs that might give you varying degrees of help: “Sunday in the Park with George,” “Color and Light,” “Everybody Loves Louis,” “We Do Not Belong Together,” “Move On”. You certainly don’t need to use all of these (that would be way too many songs for a three page paper), and of course you’re not limited to these songs either; if you find other songs that contribute, feel free to use whatever you find. One warning about this topic: if you believe that there isn’t much to the George-Dot love story, and that they had no business together in the first place, then this probably isn’t a topic that’s going to be very successful for you.

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2) Talk about the way Act I George thinks about art, and how it affects his relationships with others. George whispers to himself, “Connect, George.” Obviously George connects deeply with his art, but has trouble connecting with people. Why do you think this is? The obvious central song about this is “Finishing the Hat,” and you will certainly need to discuss and analyze that song within your paper. Other songs that could give you a good deal of help include: “Color and Light,” some of George’s dialogue at the beginning of “We Do Not Belong Together,” “Beautiful,” and possibly “The Day Off”. Maybe even “Sunday in the Park with George,” although it’s Dot singing about George in that song, and not George singing, so be careful. Again, I wouldn’t advise trying to use ALL or even most of these songs! I’m just naming some songs you should look at to get yourself started. But “Finishing the Hat” is pretty necessary for writing this paper.

3) In Act Two, Marie sings that all we leave behind when we leave are “Children and Art.” In what ways is Sunday in the Park with George an exploration of what we leave behind when we go — especially those two things? Obviously one key song is “Children and Art,” but look closely at some of the lines in “Finishing the Hat” (especially the very end of it), “Beautiful,” “It’s Hot Up Here,” “Lesson #8,” and “Move On”. Remember, there’s no need to use all of these, but it would be a good start to look carefully through each of them to see if you can find clues about what Sondheim feels about the things that we “make” and leave behind when we go.

This is not an easy show by any stretch of the imagination. All I’m looking for is evidence that you have given the topic a great deal of thought, and that you have really looked through these songs/lyrics thoughtfully in order to try to decipher what Sondheim has put in there.

The paper length between 3 to 5 pages

It’s not a research paper it’s opinion paper it’s all about your understanding upon reading the play and what do you think about it. Use the songs in the play to support your argument


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