SN attend to patient at home. On assessment, patient  B/p was 140/89 ,and other vitals are stable . Patient has  complains of headache  SN instructed patient/caregiver to administer his morning medication as prescribed and observed caregiver administered medication to patient. SN instructed patient/caregiver on taking Blood pressure pills .  SN educate patient on the disease process of  hypertensive heart disease  and   signs and symptoms. SN explained to patient that hypertensive heart disease  is when blood pressure is higher than normal which causes weakness and headache sometimes if it is not  well manage it can cause CVA  but with good management and life style modification  patient get better , .SN educate patient on sodium diet and to exercise  regularly  SN educate patient  to watch out for weakness of the body in the morning when awake patient have to relax and sit at the edge of bed for 5-10 mint before standing up  patient/caregiver demonstrate the proper way of  how to conserve energy with exercise especially in the morning SN educate resident on how to measure his blood pressure and compare it to each readings and to have a book where he can document the reading.

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