The Culture of American Film

Do the following:


You have completed this week’s reading and viewing, and you have an introductory understanding of semiotic analysis of film.  This discussion is in regards to Chapter 4, “The Hollywood Sign: The Culture of American Film.”

Writing Directions:

In at least 250 words, compose an initial post regarding the following prompt:

Most major films now released in the United States have their own Web sites. You can find them listed online under the film’s title or in print ads for the film. Select a current film, find the Web address, log on, and analyze the film’s site semiotically. What images are used to attract your interest in the film? What interactive strategies, if any, are used to increase your commitment to the film? If you’ve seen the movie, how does the site’s presentation of it compare with your experience of viewing it either in a theater or on video?

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