The expected educational development, psychology homework help

Respectfully comment on what points they have made that you agree with or were solidly made, as well as obstacles or concerns that might arise for teachers using that approach. Provide evidence and/or examples to support your response.

5 sentences or more.

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My class will have a differentiation inclusion method. The expected educational development will be higher than expectations. Students will be assessed in the beginning of the term and their interest will be acknowledged.
Lessons will be structured but students will use their own ways to do them. The community classroom will be a safe and nurturing environment. Kids will be grouped accroding to the task, developmental levels or familiarity. After the quota students will be assessed again and students growth will be noted. In a differentiation structure the expectations are higher for all students because the goals are higher. Students will be nurtured and feel comfortable in the class while learning feom peers and mastering learned skills.
Collaboration is a structure where general education teachers and special education teachers work together. When they work together special education teachers push in. Teacher’s will create plans to enhance learning in the classroom. Modifications will be made for students. All teachers will be optimistic.
UDL classrooms will be easily accessible. Students will learn through action and will be engaged in the activities. Accomodations will be made in the classroom.
L. Raffaelli (12/15) “Former Community Engagement”

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