· Having viewed the sculpture of Frederick Douglass in front of Hornbake Library, provide a brief description of the work. Also provide a visual analysis with reference to materials, style, form, etc. just as you have been doing in section. After describing and analyzing the work, discuss what its impact or meaning might be for a viewer. What has the sculptor done to give the work this impact?  How do you perceive Douglass as seen in the sculptor’s work?

· Then compare and/or contrast the Douglass sculpture to one that you choose from the Sculpture Gallery (in the Paper Guidelines Module on ELMS). This work can be any that you choose from the Sculpture Gallery without regard to historical period, size, material, gender of represented figure, subject matter, style, etc. You might want to choose something very similar or completely opposite. Briefly analyze this second work and discuss the points of comparison and contrast you want to make.


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1. 4 full pages double-spaced, one inch margins, 12 point font

2. Thesis statement, introduction and summary; good grammar; correct spelling, etc.

3. Avoid use of clichés, colloquial speech, and first-person narration.

4. Make sure to support your general observations and conclusions with specific examples of what you can see in the sculptures you write about.

5. Frederick Douglass Plaza and second work at the bottom of paper, with captions of artist, title, date.



This paper is based largely on your own observations of the sculptures. You may, however, use small amounts of information from: 1. Descriptions in the Sculpture Gallery (Paper Guidelines Module) 2. Your lecture and section notes 3. Your textbook

If you use information from the allowed sources, provide a simple MLA citation in parentheses and an entry in a Works Cited list, such as the following:

Citation sample: It would be a mistake to think that the sculpture popularly known as Grief is a portrait of Marion Hooper Adams (Sculpture Gallery, ARTH 200, 2019; Augustus St. Gaudens, Adams Memorial).

Works Cited list sample:

Sculpture Gallery, ARTH 200, 2019; Augustus St. Gaudens, Adams Memorial.

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