the Gift of Salvation; Rebellion Against the Church, history homework help


Due to the differences in editions I’m going to list the sections from the book I’d like you to consider: The Protestant Renaissance; Erasmus, Satirist and Itinerant Scholar; Martin Luther, the Gift of Salvation; Rebellion Against the Church, Ninety-five Theses; The Reform Goes International; Protestantism Without Luther; Calvin, Protestantism As Theology; The Other Scientific Revolution, the Council of Trent; The Society of Jesus.

As I said , the paper will examine both sides of the argument of church reform, and who made the stronger argument. Were the reformers’ grievances valid, and if so were the Catholic church’s responses appropriate?

This afternoon I said at least one page, and not more than two, but I will allow up to three pages if you need it, so at least one page, but not more than three. It will be typed in Times New Roman font in a 12 point size. It will be double spaced, and it will have one inch margins on the top, bottom, left, and right. It is due on the day of your final exam.

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