The Summer Olympic Games, English homework help

Topic: The Summer Olympic Games have traditionally been in different cities throughout the world. The Olympic Committee that decides of which cities requires that the chosen city provide all new facilities for the athletic games, and be able to have enough housing for all of the people attending the games. Currently, some people have proposed that instead of changing location every four years, the Olympics should be held in a single location. 

Find 2 written opinions that oppose each other about your topic.  These will be the opinions you analyze for validity.
Identify the writer, title (if any), location (website), and date written (if known).
The major aspects of an opinion consist of the Position, the Reasons, the Mechanics, and the Presentation.
For Position, among other factors, you should consider clarity and consistency.
For Reasons, among other factors, you should consider the relevance, the credibility, the explanation, exemplification.
For Mechanics, among other factors, you should consider the language usage and structure.
For Presentation, among other factors, you should consider the style, tone, images.

see attached picture is the teacher‘s comment,revise and improve base on my first draft please.

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