The Waters Of Babylon Essay question help

The word “apocalypse” comes from the Greek word meaning “a lifting of the veil or revelation,” essentially relating the end of the world to a disclosure of knowledge or information. How does this definition of apocalypse relate to the end of the world within the story “By The Waters of Babylon” and how the characters within the story should proceed with their own knowledge? Step 1: Read the prompt question carefully. Reflect on the book and formulate your answer to the question. This does NOT include your opinion of the book. Step 2: Ask yourself, “Why did I come to my answer?” What examples in the story support your answer? Step 3: Go find the examples from Step 2 in the story. Find the best quotes from those passages. If you cannot find supporting quotes, return to Step 1 and rethink your answer using evidence you do find. Step 4: Write your paragraph. Chunk 1 (one sentence): State your answer. Chunk 2 (one sentence including a quote and citation): Present your textual evidence.Chunk 3 (aim for 1­3 sentences): Explain your evidence. What is it showing, and how does that relate to your answer from Chunk 1? Repeat Chunks 2 and 3 until you have presented all evidence. You should have at least two examples. Chunk 4 (aim for 1­2 sentences): Come to a conclusion about the theme. Ask yourself, “What does this mean?” and “Why does a reader need to understand this concept to understand the text?”

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