(their eyes were watching god) chapter 1, English homework help

Here are the seven questions below: 

1- Who are the protagonist, antagonist and confidant in the novel?

2- How do the porch sitters react when they see Janie returning to Eatonville? characters

3- How long has Janie been gone from her hometown? setting

4- Write a description of Janie as she arrives. character analysis.

5- What do the blue satin dress and the overalls symbolize? symbol

6- Find evidence to support how the porch sitters felt about janie.

7- How does Hurston introduce Janie to the audience? Narrator

Just chapter one.

and this is the link for the book (their eyes were watching god) http://www.cnusd.k12.ca.us/cms/lib/CA01001152/Centricity/domain/5532/language%20arts%203a/Their%20Eyes.pdf

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