theories of city land use, so

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Review Questions

1. What are the three stages in the developments of cities? Describe each stage.

2. What are two theories of city land use? Describe each type of land use.

3. What is urban sprawl? What effects does urban sprawl have?

4. What are three reasons why Sunbelt cities are increasing in population?

5. What are two of the categories of people found in cities? Describe each category and why they are attracted to or stay in the city?

Critical Thinking Questions

1. Do you think that people are more or less likely to come to someone’s aid in the city than in rural areas? Why or why not?

2. Cities around the world are increasing in population. Why do you think people choose to live in urban areas?

3. Do you think cities should place limits on urban sprawl? Why or why not?

4. Gentrification has both positive and negative effects for cities and individuals. Do you think the good outweighs the bad with this trend? Why or why not?

5. Which place do you think you would most like to live in: a rural area, a suburb, or a city? Why do you think you would choose this area?

Below I have attached the lesson materials

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