They Say, I Say Essay, English homework help

 Describing a Larger Conversation

Topic: The article below (link) from the“They Say, I Say” blog and search  two articles on the

same issue ( and explain the different perspectives on this issue.

Rather than presenting the issue as having two sides (for or against),explain more than two points of view, showing the complexity of the issue.You will not respond to this issue, so all of the views must come from the texts

Format: The essay should be 4 pages, and include a works cited page. The MLA-style works cited page should include the essay from the text  and the essay from the blog for a total of two essays. The essay must include at least four quotations, which must be correctly formatted using MLA-style parenthetical citation for the page numbers, and at least four templates, including at least one to introduce a quotation (46) and one to explain a quotation (47).(this is in the link of the book, at the end starts from book pg 221)

Please keep in mind as you write each part, you should not assume the audience is completely familiar with the articles you have chosen.

link of the article:

link of the book: 

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