Thinking, Memory, Problem Solving, and Creativity Questions

Select any three of the following items to write about.  Each response should be 1-2 pages long. You may combine all responses  into one paper and provide headings for each item.

  1. Distinguish between the human mind and computers as tools for  thinking. What does the human mind do better and why? What does the  computer do better and why? Weigh in on the debate over artificial  intelligence and support your claims.
  2. Take this free creativity problem solving test  or one of your choosing, and weigh in on the results. Do you feel they  were on target? Do you think the survey questions accurately assess  problem-solving creativity? Are there reliable ways to measure  creativity? Why is creativity an imortant area of study for  psychologists?
  3. Describe and discuss the role of consolidation. Identify how  psychologists study this process and why. Provide examples from your  life that demonstrate the process of consolidation in action.
  4. Describe mental imagery (theories and processes) and explain why  people might use it for different reasons. How is it different from  hypnosis. Identify a scientific study related to this process and  describe the results. Weigh in on the effectiveness of mental imagery.  What role does motivation play? Have you ever tried to incorporate it in  to your life? Explain.
  5. Select one memory disorder to research and detail its causes,  symptoms, and treatments (traditional and emerging). Explain how  therapists and/or psychologists can help support patients experiencing  memory loss.
  6. Research ways that culture influences how we categorize the world.  Present a scenario using at least two different cultures to demonstrate  the idea. Compare and contrast attitudes and perceptions based on  cultural categorizations. Why is it important to recognize this  distinction?
  7. Read the following excerpt from Final Jeopardy: Man vs. Machine and the Quest to Know Everything as discussed by  Devise and conduct a unique experiment to mimic the findings of the  Moses illusion. Detail your hypothesis, the experiment, the findings,  and your analysis of those findings.

Find at least one scholarly source for each item to support your  ideas. A minimum total of three sources should be cited and listed on  your reference page.) Use APA Style to format your paper and cite and  reference your sources.

Each response should be a 1-2 pages long, in addition to a title page and a reference page

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