this is a homework about Abnormal psychology

Abnormal Psychology Assignment 1:

 Is there really a divide between those who are diagnosed with a mental disorder and so called “normal” individuals? The text in Chapter 1 outlined that over 48 percent of Americans have suffered from a psychological disorder at some point in their lifetime. This figure does not include those who do not seek treatment and have not been given a formal diagnosis. Just because one has not been given an official diagnosis does not mean that they are unable to experience symptoms of a psychiatric disorder(s). It has also been mentioned that almost all Americans will experience clinical depression at least once during their lives. When we take into account that many factors, such as biology, psychology, and socio-cultural conditions, contribute to the etiology of mental illness, it normalizes the fact that everyone could be susceptible to developing a psychiatric disorder. Are psychiatric disorders being over-diagnosed by professionals? Is it possible that the criteria for experiencing a psychiatric disorder has become so general that almost anyone can meet diagnostic criteria?

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