To Kill a Mockingbird, essay help (2 pages)

First Essay- After reading chapters 24–26 of Hübener vs. Hitler, write a two-page essay in which you compare Atticus Finch to Helmuth Hübener. You can approach this comparison in any way you see the connection. You are required to include a minimum of four citations; one citation must come from the novel To Kill a Mockingbird.

Second Essay- This will be a one page essay which analyzes the differences and similarities between the novel and the movie. 

As you watch the movie:

  • Have a notepad and a pen/pencil.
  • Whenever something happens that is different from the book make a note of it.

After you watch the movie:

  • Review your notes of differences
  • Pick a few of the differences and think about why they changed what they did
  • Write a one-page compare and contrast essay about the novel and movie, find a unifying element that will keep your paper from becoming a rambling commentary.

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