Topic: Case Management

Topic: Case Management

This essay should be 3-5 pages, and it should be written as if it were me speaking.  This essay doesn’t need references because its suppose to sound as if it’s coming from me, and my experience. Please organize this essay well. You can also include in the Essay:

Key Points to Talk about

Case Manager Role and services provided to clients

·  Placing clients into suitable housing (such as a mental health housing that have people to assist with there mental health needs)

·  Provide referrals (such as jobs, apartments, vocational training, housing, HRA(benefits)

·  Treatment planning (ILP’s- Independent Living Plan) it reflects the goals and objects of a client

·  Counseling

·  Family Reconnect

·  Advocate for the clients (such as at the doctors office, housing interviews, and social security office)

And whatever else is best suited for Case Management and responsibilities you may think is appropriate.

Please use this as a first paragraph to this essay:

I would like to obtain prior learning credits for having my experience with Case Management. The topic in which I’m going to write about in this essay is entitled Case Management (4 credits, liberal, advance). In 2013 I began working at Schwartz Next Step Shelter located at 1 Schwartz Building, Wards Island, New York 10035. Throughout the duration of my time (1 year and a half), I worked as a Case Manager with a caseload of over one hundred in a Homeless Shelter. While working at Schwartz Next Step I encountered a population of Mental Health, Substance Abusers, Veterans, and Medically feral individuals.  We are going to discuss the services that were provided to the clients and the role I played as a Case Manager.

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