IN BOLD AND UNDERLINED LETTERS THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO RESEARCHPharmacological Protocols and GuidelinesFor this discussion:1. Consider the different groups of patients to whom you provide nursing care, and the setting in which you generally work—telemetry, orthopedics, medical-surgical floor, ICU, et cetera. (USE A PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL)2.Identify the setting and the groups of patients in this setting.(115 BED FACILITY)3. Identify a specific disease or condition you have worked with in the past and discuss the current pharmacological treatments used. ◦Is it an evidence-based therapy? ◦If not, describe the possible medication errors, as outlined in the Drach-Zahavy et al. article or the information on the AHRQ Web site.PATIENTS WITH HUNTINGTONS DISEASE•Describe the protocols, guidelines, and evidence-based practices that are in place in your current or past work place (be sure to maintain confidentiality of your work place) to assist nurses in evaluating quality patient outcomes.(SEARCH FOR EVIDENCE BASED PRACTICE IN A PSYCHIATRIC FACILITY, WITH PATIENTS WHO HAVE HUNTINGTONS DISEASE)NEEDS TO BE AT LEAST 150 WORDS WITH ONE APA FORMATTED REFERENCE

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