Pharmacological Treatments  For this assignment, you will select and examine a disease or health condition that requires a pharmacological intervention. You may choose any disease or health condition you wish, but the disease or health condition must be relevant to nurses in a variety of settings (for example, the E.R., pediatrics, public health). Once you have selected and identified a disease or health condition, identify the areas where nurses are likely to see the disease or health condition.Instructions•Identify the disease or health condition.•Describe the health issues or symptoms associated with the condition.•Identify drugs most often used in the treatment of the condition.•Explain the types of actions, side effects, indications, and contraindications that could be expected from this pharmacological treatment.•Describe the treatment regime (including pharmacology) that is most often prescribed for this condition.•Explain how this treatment regime, including pharmacology, impacts a client’s lifestyle (including financials, ease of administration – complexity, how hard are instructions to understand – frequency, length of medication).◦Are there any controversies related to the medication? For example, is there a black box warning with this medication?•Describe how a nurse should monitor a client being treated for this condition in order to obtain a quality patient outcome.Additional Requirements•Length of paper: Be as specific as possible, but try to limit this assignment to no more than 4 pages, not including title page and reference page.•References: Support your plan with references to at least two resources, in which one resource should be outside the required readings for this course.•Formatting: Follow proper APA style and formatting.

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