Unit 2 Discussion Board 1

It needs to be at least 350 words

Our reading this week emphasizes the idea that many practitioners are geared towards autonomous practice, despite being taught the importance of professional teams. Using the readings, describe the difference between autonomous practice, multidisciplinary teams, and interdisciplinary teams. Go on to describe how you are currently prepared to work on an interdisciplinary team versus what you still might need to be adequately prepared to effectively work on an interdisciplinary team. Remember, you must back your opinions up with information from the readings.

This are the readings that the teacher assigned, use it to back your opinions up.

Bruner, P., Davey, M.P, & Waite, R. (2011). Culturally sensitive collaborative care models: Exploration of a community-based health center. Families, Systems, & Health, 29(3), 155-170.

Dosser, D.A., Handron, D.S., McCammon, S.L., Powell, J.Y., & Spencer, S.S. (2001). Challenges and strategies for teaching collaborative interdisciplinary practice in children’s mental health care. Families, Systems, & Health, 19(1), 65-82.

Vinokur-Kaplan, D. (1995). Enhancing the effectiveness of interdisciplinary mental health treatment teams. Administration and Policy in Mental Health, 22(5), 521-530.

Youngwerth, J., & Twaddle, M. (2011). Cultures of interdisciplinary teams: How to foster good dynamics. Journal of Palliative Medicine, 14(5), 650-654.

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