virtue theory relates medical practice Outline help

ethics article.pdf = use as resource (also you can use websites as resources)

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Virtue Theory

  • Discuss the distinctive focus of the virtue theory of ethics.
  • Analyze the benefits and criticisms of virtue theory. 
  • Discuss the usefulness of virtue theory in medical practice.

Care Theory

  • Discuss the psychological studies of ethical reasoning in relation to caring. 
  • Describe care theory. 
  • Discuss principles of justice as they relate to maintaining a relationship. 
  • Analyze the benefits and criticisms of care theory. 

Compose an outline that answers this question: How is Virtue Theory related to medical practice? Use two pieces of information from this week’s material to support your points. 

  • Follow outline structure in example provided, including spacing
  • Include cover page and reference page
  • Cite at least two pieces of information from the week’s material according to APA guidelines
  • Outline itself must be at least one full page

ETH200 Outline Example.pdf = please follow this outline guide

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