W3: Discussion post and Journal

1)  Discussion post

Describe the characteristics of an employee ideally suited for telecommuting. Explain.

What are some issues you might face while collaborating on a virtual team? How could you mitigate the negative impact of those challenges? Include other components discussed in Lecture 4.

Make sure all your post minimum of 150 words. APA formatting is required along with scholarly sources.

2) Journal

January 30, 2015: Tablets just got a lot more useful after Microsoft released the final versions of Office for Android, which followed a similar release on the iPad. http://www.informationweek.com/software/productivity-collaboration-apps/microsoft-outlook-office-on-ios-and-android-first-look/d/d-id/1318881. Ask students to read the short post and answer the following:

(1) Could tablets change how people do their work?

(2) Think of a specific job that would be changed to a large degree by using Office on the tablet rather than a laptop. How would that job be changed?

(3) Would a tablet provide an excellent tool for reengineering that job?

(4) Outline a possible new workflow that would be enabled to help make the job easier or more productive.

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