Week 1 Sociology Discussion (Intro) 2 posts required

Week 1 Discussion (Intro) 2 posts required (you must post once before seeing others) 


This is an interesting class to go through as we have all been children and many will have children.  Learning the best ways to teach life skills will access our history, and in the true words of Freud, our present and future are linked to our past. 

So for our discussion this week, before we get into the meat of the class, let’s talk about how we’ve experienced learning life skills and how it has affected us.  Feel free to comment and open up as much as you’re comfortable (it often helps to push our comfort zone a bit as we all have had similar experiences and can profit by hearing and discussing them).  What doesn’t work, or hasn’t worked is equally important.  As Edison discovered in developing the light bulb (more than 1100 filaments were tried before he succeeded) the errors and mistakes can lead us toward success if we but try to learn from them. 

After this week our discussions will focus on the materials we read and do .. 

please note there are 2 books we will work from:

1. Lifeskills – available for purchase

2. Answers – provided here

All to do items will be given in Canvas as files you can load onto your computer.  There are a few quizzes but mostly to do items so what we review makes sense in daily life (hopefully).


One of the fun things about Canvas is you can easily add links, images, videos, etc. as part of discussions and your research posts.  I’ve found this one below that has a useful checklist of age appropriate items.  Feel free to check it out.

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