week 2-505

Week 2: PICOT/PICo and Practice QuestionsUsing the area of interest from Week 1, identify the following.Will you be using a quantitative or qualitative approach for your EBP project proposal?Explain why this approach is the best one to provide information for your area of interest.Create a PICOT/PICo question using the PICOT/PICo format for quantitative and PICo for qualitative approaches.Identify your practice question, being sure to include the following.For a quantitative approachA questioning part such as “what is,” “what are,” “is there,” or “are there”Population being studiedVariables being studiedSuggestion of the relationship between variablesFor a qualitative approachPhenomenon or concept of interestGroup or population of interestSuggestion of which qualitative research design is being usedChoose either quantitative or qualitative- only the proposed approach needs to be addressed.

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