Week 3 Discussion


During Week 2, you examined and prioritized the trends, issues, and challenges facing U.S. healthcare executives and prepared a table of the issues you will address as the healthcare executive. This week, you will focus your attention on the top 10 issues and trends for your organization as you anticipate these 10 issues/trends to have the highest-level impact on the mission of a healthcare organization.

For this assignment, you will build on the Week 2 assignment. In a Word document, you will create the Issue Brief Working Template grid as depicted here, which includes your top 10 priority issues/trends from last week’s assignment. This week’s grid is expanded from Week 2 and contains additional elements. The additional elements are those found in an Issue Brief, a short document used for internal discussions examining issues and their impact on the organization. You will use Issue Briefs in a future assignment and the information you provide in this assignment will be utilized. An example of the grid is provided here, and you may wish to display your grid document in the landscape orientation.

Length: For this assignment, be sure to include a title page and reference page. The length will depend on how you summarize your responses within each column.

Resources: A minimum of 1 reference is required for each issue.

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