Week 5: Research Proposal Introduction

This is my research question: How does childhood homelessness impact their mental health and effect their academic progress.Please write the Research Proposal Introduction. This section will be 4-8 pages in length. At this point do not include an Abstract. We will save that for the final Research Proposal. Use APA style  (7th edition of the 2019 Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association). Please include a Reference List with at least 5 scholarly peer-reviewed articles at the end of the Introduction, which will be the beginning of your Reference List for the entire Research Proposal. You may use the Reference List you created in Week 2 or a revised version of that. Use in-text citations in the body of the Introduction and references (at the end of the Introduction) to back up the facts. All in-text citations should have a reference at the end of the Introduction, and all references at the end should have a corresponding in-text citation.  As may be seen in the outline below, in the Introduction please include: Brief Overview of the Topic, Statement of Problem, Purpose of Study, Social Significance of Study, Research Question and Hypothesis (You created the Research Question in Week 1)and Definition of Key Terms. The Introduction will be submitted through Turnitin with the expectation that your Similarity Score will be no higher than 10-15%.The link below contains an outline for the Introduction.Introduction OutlineYou have by now identified an issue/problem in the field of counseling that you would like to investigate (For example, domestic violence ).Narrow the problem down, e.g., What about the problem do you want to investigate (For example, impact of prolonged domestic violence on children).Offer justification why anyone should care about this problem. You can give statistics as to how this problem affects individuals and why readers should care (For example, children exposed to prolonged domestic violence are twice as prone to committing violent acts than their counterparts).What research has already been done in this area and why you should investigate this issue further? (For example, there is limited research on what the long-term effects of exposure to domestic violence are for children, furthermore, how stress impacts children in situations like bullying in schools, isolation in social environments).How would your research/investigation contribute to the body of research on the subject and help this problem? (For example, if we know how stress impacts children who are already prone to more violent acts, we can establish proactive work, counseling strategies, team-activities, teacher training and so on to prevent these children from acting out in the face of stressful situations and learn better coping mechanisms for affect regulation, thus decreasing bullying, group violence, mass school shootings, etc.)Continue collecting scholarly articles and books that speak to your research interest. Compile a reference list of literature that can help you build a solid argument with “for and against” points. You will return to these in the Literature Review where you provide a more detailed discussion of the current literature on the topic.Your paper will be evaluated on the following criteria:Student identified a research question that is relevant to the counseling discipline, aligns with current trends in the field, is specific, and has clear implications for practice15 pointsStudent included a problem statement that identified a gap in the literature and cited peer reviewed sources. Student included a purpose statement that clearly identified the scope of the proposal. Student articulated the social significance of the proposed study, including how the results of the proposed study could conceivably assist counselors in better serving the population of interest and how society as a whole might benefit from this.15 pointsWriting is satisfactory for graduate-level writing expectations; the paper: uses clear and appropriate language; has no errors in spelling, grammar, and syntax; has good organization; follows APA documentation protocol.10 pointsThe project cites a variety of peer-reviewed sources to back up all claims of fact. The student draws conclusions from a variety of sources and theoretical traditions to demonstrate scholarly insight on the content area10 points

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