Week 6 Discussion: Addiction

This week we will focus on Chemical dependency and addictionChemical dependency and addiction may be either the cause of some traumatic experiences or the consequence of unresolved trauma. You will view some video segments that demonstrate the real-life effects of addiction on the users as well as their family members.Sometimes, trauma resulting from war or other armed conflicts can lead to or exacerbate addiction. For instance, the movie Courage Under Fire depicts war-induced trauma and the ravaging cycle of addiction. If you have time, make a point of watching this movie (Denzel Washington, Matt Damon, Meg Ryan). It is a powerful story in which Matt Damon’s character becomes a heroine addict as a result of his experiences at war. Please, follow the instructions on the learning module.You might have heard it said that ‘addiction is a family disease’.Go to the following website and watch the following video segments:http://www.hbo.com/addiction/thefilm/centerpiece/613_segment_2.html (Links to an external site.)1. A Mother’s Desperation2. The Adolescent Addict3. The Science of RelapseAfter watching these, respond to these prompts:1. In what ways are the family members or other parts of the system affected by the addiction of one of them?2. What is your opinion of the concept of addiction being a family disease?3. What are some cultural considerations you should keep in mind?Strong warning: The material in these videos and some of the other videos on the same website may trigger some of your own personal trauma. If that happens for you, be sure to let me know as soon as possible. I also trust that you have a counselor or a trusted confidant that you can talk with about your experiences.

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