Week 8 discussion 1 cognitive

Discussion: IntelligenceOn March 12, 2009, a former chief of the New York Stock Exchange pled guilty to oneof the largest financial frauds in history. Bernie Madoff, founder of his own financial firmand active philanthropist, had been swindling thousands of private investors -many ofwhom were close friends -out of billions of dollars. Madoff had achieved a degree ofpersonal financial success few individuals ever attain, though he will be spending therest of his life in prison. Would you consider Madoff an intelligent person? What rolemight emotional intelligence have played in his decision making?For this Discussion, you define intelligence and detail its components. You also take aposition on whether or not emotional intelligence is an accurate measure of intelligence.With these thoughts in mind:By Day 4Post a brief definition of intelligence, including the main components of intelligence.Then provide your position on whether or not emotional intelligence is an accuratemeasure of intelligence. Justify your response.Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the LearningResources.

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