week5 -311

Below are links that provide more information about the Zachman Framework as well as the Zachman Framework “evolution”.
The Zachman Framework: https://www.zachman.com/ea-articles-reference/54-the-zachman-framework-evolution
The Zachman Framework Evolution: https://www.zachman.com/ea-articles-reference/54-the-zachman-framework-evolution
1. Why do you believe that the Zachman ontology has stood the test of time? After all, it was created in 1984 and was originally published in the 1987 IBM Systems Journal. What makes this a viable framework today?
2. Please look at the following link: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonbloomberg/2014/07/11/is-enterprise-architecture-completely-broken/#69c643ee3710.
Share your thoughts on the statement within this link: “Treating the enterprise as a complex system like a living organism, focusing more on solving business problems than on extensive documentation, and taking a data-driven approach to business transformation all to herald an upheaval in the practice of EA itself”. please cite and list in APA format

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