Western Civilization History

  1.  How could a woman prove her husband committed adultery under the Napoleonic  code
  2. What was the role of the father of the household with respect to his children’s well being?  What was the age of emancipation under the Napoleonic  code?

  3. Which empire did the Habsburgs rule after the demolition of the Holy Roman Empire? 

  4.    What were the three mistakes that contributed to the downfall of Napoleon Bonaparte

  5. What is a Fabian military tactic?  When was it used against Napoleon’s forces   

  6. What was DAS LIED DER DEUTSCHEN about 

  7.    Who were the Ultras?  What French king was very sympathetic with the interests of the Ultras?  What eventually happened to that king and why?

  8. 1848 Revolutions: What were the causes for the revolutions?  What names are given to label all of these movements in 1848?  What happened in France?  What resulted after the French Revolution in 1848 for countries around France 

  9.    What city was chosen by delegates of the German states in 1848 to form a German Empire under the direction of Prussia?  Why did the formation of a German Empire fail in 1848-1849

  10. What was the wealthiest kingdom in Italy before Risorgimento began 

  11.  What Italian kingdom led the unification effort of the entire Italian peninsula? 

  12. Why was Rome not taken in 1861 as the capital city?  When will Rome become the capital and why?

  13. What were the three obstacles that stood in the way for complete Italian unification? 

  14. – Who was the Chancellor of Prussia during German unification?  What was the name of his famous 1862 speech lining out his philosophical view as to how Prussia could achieve German unification?

  15.  What three nations did Prussia go to war with for the purpose of uniting all German states?  Which of the three wars did Prussia choose NOT to take any land?

  16. – What European power colonized Libya before World War One?  Algeria?  Morocco?  Cameroon?

  17. – What major war in the early 1900s was mediated by the United States with a peace treaty signed on American soil?

  18. – What two nations join the Central Powers in 1915? 

  19. What are the three nations that join the Entente alliance in late 1914 and 1915?

  20. What was the name for the big Entente breakthrough in early October 1918 called? 

  21. Why did Japan and Italy withdraw their delegations in protest at this conference?

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