What meaning (one of the topics) has to the world?, Powerpoint presentation help

Will do audio portion myself, thank you!


  • Ferris wheels
  • The origin of the phrase “sweet hereafter?
  • Demolition derby
  • County fairs
  • Upstate New York (near Plattsburg)
  • Personal injury law
  • School bus accidents
  • Recovering from the death of a child
  • Small town relationships/life
  • Paraplegia
  • Legal depositions
  • Perjury
  • AIDS
  • Alcoholism
  • Drug addiction
  • Rehabilitation
  • Barbie dolls

Take your chosen detail as a separate idea from the novel and research it. Then, choose an angle from which you might share your information. You might research its usefulness in the world, its history, its superstitions, its modern-day meaning, its negative effect on the world, or any angle you can think of. Think: what most interests you about this topic? You will want to have a narrow focus that considers your audience (your peers), your purpose (to inform), and your tone (up to you).

Drafting Details

You have completed your discovery process and you are ready to share your results.

Build a PowerPoint presentation (8-12 slides with audio) about your detail from the novel that teaches

  1. Use Preview/Present/Review organization
    • On the first slide tell the audience what they will learn (Preview the main points you will make).
    • Present your points in the same order as you did in the preview (Present).
    • On the next to last slide go over your main points again, but do it in a different way than on the preview slide (Review).
  2. Use a hook to grab the audience’s attention; do this first thing on the first slide.
  3. Use a clincher as the last sentence of the next to last slide, so your presentation stays with the audience.
  4. Use images, illustrations, photos, etc. to make your presentation interesting.
  5. Use audio to present the material. Review the Speak Up presentation (or view the Text Version) before you record your presentation.
  6. Include the audio script in the “Notes” section of the PowerPoint presentation.
  7. Include a “Works Consulted” page (as the very last slide) that lists your sources in MLA format (this is the same as a Works Cited page, but rather than citing directly in the report, you list at the end the sources you gathered information from, since you paraphrased/summarized in the report, rather than quoting directly.) If you don’t remember how to create a Works Cited page, look at the Using the MLA Style Manual (or view the Text Version).

your peers about that detail.

Speak Up presentation(or view the Text Version) before reviewing your peer’s presentation.

Next, you will review the assignment requirements that you have already accomplished and you will submit your assignment for peer review.

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