Hide Assignment InformationGroup CategoryWindshieldGroup NameGroup 1InstructionsWindshield SurveyAssignment GuidelinesA. Windshield SurveyThe Windshield Survey is comprised of general qualitative observations that give you a snapshot of the community that you can capture as you drive/walk through the community. The demographic data can be obtained online, through the public library, county or township administration buildings. Use your Community Assessment Reference Guide to collect the data. Please address the following in a narrative format following APA guidelines:1. Health Resourcesa. Type of services available: health department, private MD, dentist, hospital clinic,b. pharmacy, health promotion, mental healthc. School and occupational health servicesd. Official and voluntary servicese. Self help and support groupsf. Service organizations, faith-based programsg. Stores (grocery, retail, drug, dry cleaning, etc.h. Transportation2. Citizen safety and protective servicesa. Police and fireb. Shelters for victims of abusec. Others: neighborhood watch etc. Boundaries, geographical, political, or economic, how is it seen. Housing an zoning Sign of decay3. Services provided by senior citizens senior centers, meals on wheels, transportation, day care, long term care.a. Parks and recreational areas4. Community welfare services beyond city/state aid as provisions for emergency food, shelter and clothing.

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