Wk 2, HCS 370: DR 2

Substantive response. Please further discussion. End response with question.APA formatCite 1 reference175-265 wordsRespond to the following:Sabrina Landry3:59 PMMotivational behavior amongst employees is very important this allows the company in management to meet all their goals that are expected of them. A motivated employee keeps up morale, spread the positivity within a workspace, and can produce higher levels of production or output within a company.what if we did not have a motivated employee at work, this would cause a negative environment, low productivity within a company, and low levels of production within the company. And in some cases a non-motivated employee can rub off on other employees and cause a chain affect which would not be good for the company or organization. I believe that the biggest impact on employee motivation is upper management and the directors, these individuals have the lead and communicate with the employees of a company or organization, when these individuals are motivated and positive that trickles down to the employees which should also cause a highly motivated and positive working person within the facility. We need motivated individuals within a company, this keeps the company running and also gives promotions within a company to individuals which will also help run the company smoothly and productively.

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